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Just Lovely, Isn't It?
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Two years ago, Lucy gave him a daughter while stuck in their little cottage home.

It was the first time he regretted not living closer to Magnolia. He couldn’t carry her delicately and run quick enough and Happy couldn’t carry her, she was too heavy for the tiny Exceed. He couldn’t take her to a healer and he didn’t know what to do with Lucy crying and clutching her 8 month big stomach. He sent Happy to get Porlyusica but it hadn’t been quick enough, the baby was coming a full month early. With a calming breathe, he laid Lucy down gently on a two pads of blankets and coaxed her on. 

On November 13th, X800, Lucy gave birth in their little home. No nursemaid, just him and her. The girl had been small and pale and her cries were weak but she had lived. By the time Porlyusica arrived, the babe had quieted and was wrapped contently in his scarf. 

Two years later, she still slept with the scarf and it didn’t look like he’d ever be getting it back. But it was okay. It was his gift to her, since she was his gift. 

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